Termes et Conditions d'utilisation

Terms and Conditions of Service


1. Identification data

The website www.gerome.es belongs to NOU GEROME S.L with CIF B67335836. From now on, the service provider. The address of the registered office its situated on Jacint Verdaguer Street, 116-118 08205 Sabadell (Barcelona). The contact number is: 93 865 26 98 .   

 2. Ownership and service provider

GEROME, found in 1966, since the beginning we manufacture our own leather jackets for man and woman, using leather of an excellent quality in order to bring uniqueness and exclusivity. Every little detail about our jackets has to be perfect. Our actual and exclusive designs stand out for its quality and look.     

3. Field of application

The service provider, as the owner of the site, is responsible to it, and brings to the user this document that pretends the fulfilment of the obligations enclosed in the Law 34/2002, of Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico (LSSI-CE),  conjointly informing all the customers on the conditions of using the website.

The document takes fully consideration of all the conditions established on the Law 3/2014, March 27th, for which the text of la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios and another complementaries documents have been modified. Those texts were approved on el Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, November 16th entailing the customer.

When a user registers on www.gerome.es and operates the website, or any other information provided as part of the service from the owner, accepts and subscribes at its conditions of use.

The owner has the right of editing any type of information that can appear in the current website, without having the obligation of informing or acknowledging any customer about those modifications.

The provider offers to its clients high quality products. Considering the nature of the commercialized products, slight differences may exist between products itself and the product shown on the pictures. However, it is important to mention that the quality of all the products reminds  the same as the one shown on the pictures. Moreover, this tiny irregularity may be caused by human error on the manufacture of the product or problems related with the photo.

For this reasons, the user is informed about this topic  without making them the cause of the contract resolution. Accordingly to what has been exposed, any returns claiming different quality or color difference will be dismissed by default.


  1.    General hiring conditions.

      A. Previous hiring conditions.

The contract between the provider and the user for the purchase of the products is going to activate all the juridic effects, when the consetment and all the other requirements for its validity, established on the in force normative.

The products listed for the provider are designated to end users. Moreover, under the current legislation, the consumer on its definition can’t purchase for other than its own benefit and use. Any unauthorized commercialization of the product is forbidden.

All the prices shown on the listing of the website include VAT.  The disaggregated price, the tax base and VAT, will be found on the final bill, finishing the purchase.

     B. Information for the customer on its withdraw right execution.

The exercise of rights of withdrawal is under the protection of el Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, november 16th, consecutively approving the text of withdrawal from La Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios and other complementary laws.

In depth on the laws exposed, the following quote had been written,” The right of withdrawal of a contract, is the capability of a  customer and user to invalidate a contract already activated, notifying the provider, on the interval of time for exercising of this right, without the need of any justification of its decision and without any penalty”. For clarification purposes the time limit to execute this right is 14 natural days.

     C. Instructions on the proper execution of the withdraw right.

For the proper execution of the withdraw right, the user has to acknowledge clearly its decision, either with a certificated mail or an email.

If desired, the customer can use the  withdraw template found in this headline.

Instructions for its fullfitment:

The provider dispose the following directions for communication purposes, including withdraw solicitudes:

  • Email: info@gerome.es

  • Address: GEROME Jacint Verdaguer Street, 116-118 08205 Sabadell (Barcelona).

Withdraw form template (fill the gaps and send it for a cancelation contract ):

With this document I want to express my willing to cancel the selling contract for the product:



It is essential to add the following personal information, if the data is not included or it has a lack of credibility the right of withdrawal will be canceled:

  • Customer personal information (Name and birthdate).

  • Customer address.

  • Customer signature.

  • Signing date of the document.

The countdown for withdrawal will begin the first day that the customer received the order, or the day that the seller acknowledged the purchase form its customer. The right of withdrawal is linked to a list of conditions:

  • The products of a single order, in case of withdraw must be send at the same time.

  • The product must remind in its original wrapping .

  • The customer has 14 natural days to present any application or request of returning.

  • If the product does not fulfill the conditions already mentioned, a mail will be send, explaining for what reason the right of withdrawal can’t be applied.

  • The provider has the right to keep the amount of the refund until the package returns to the warehouse and pass a quality control.

  • The shipping cost of the first delivery will not be refund.

  • The customer is responsible for any cost of the shipping when returning.

  • If the customer notice anything out of the standards when receiving the package, he has to send an email  the following 24h to info@gerome.es in order to set any future demand.

  • If any complains have been received under the period of 24h the provider will understand that the package has arrived properly, and it won’t accept any future complainings.

     D. Withdrawal consequences.

If the withdrawal right of the customer its accepted, because it fullfils all the legal requirements, all the money paid for the purchase will be returned, excluding the shipping cost.

When the right of withdrawal its applied, returning the items to the provider, If any of the items suffers any change or breaks in someway while returning it, the customer has to assume the cost of the reparation to put it back to its normal state.


2.    Orders and purchases

The provider will provide a clear and honest description of the product assets. Any product offered is trustable from a legal, juridical and economical point of view .

The online service through the site is regulated by the following Particular conditions, so any purchase of a products needs to have:

  • A customer at least 18 years old.

  • A order made on the platform, (would need the customer to present a previous solicitude using the shopping cart).

  • Once the request is made, the customer will receive an online confirmation email on the account that the customer has previously provided.

  • When the request is confirmed an information about the final pricing and taxes will be given to the customer.

  • Once all the previous steps are done, and the confirmation  of the lender has been sent, the specific contract will be activated. The agreement of the general use conditions will be executed.

3.    Transportation

Shipping locations:

  • Peninsular Spain (including Islas Baleares, not covering Islas Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla): 10€

  • France (not including islands): 15€

  • Peninsular Portugal (not including islands): 13€

In any moment the provider possesses the right of refuse any monetary transition that does not pass the security defenses established on the system of electronic commerce, and on the payment service hired previously with the purpose of the proper payment transactions of the site.

 Shiping methodology and delivery time:

  • Delivery times: All the shipments will be delivered between 1-4 business days (excluding the weekend, festivities and local celebrations).

  • For orders that run out of stock on the meantime of an event or any other weird causality, the money paid for the product in question will be returned.

  • Any order done after 1 p.m will be processed the next day.

  • The confirmation of the payment will initiate the compromise of the service: bank transfers will be confirmed on a elapse of 24-48h . Once the payment is confirmed the shipping days will start counting.

  • Sending anything out of the warehouse is strictly forgiven, that includes post offices.

  • The team of Gerome ensures the elaboration of the package at the same day that the payment is received, unless facing stock problems of any kind. In that case, the customer will be notified with the information of the issue and some options to overcome the unusual causality.

  • Also, every formalized order will be sent the next working day after the request.

  • The provider has the right to change the shipping method and company, unless the intention of it is damaging the customer in any way.

  • If the customer is absent when the package is delivered, a second delivery time should be set or the customer would be able to pick it up on the nearest delivery office, from the company used on the transaction.

4.    Payment methods

The owner of the credit card is responsible of the credit card transactions on the web site, for that reason the provider does not assume any responsibility for any unauthorized operations for the owner of the credit card into the website.

For the payment method, third party companies are involved, and particularly in the website those are the once used:

  • Credit or Debit Card

  • Bizum

Moreover, the company will not accept any order until it has a reasonable proof that the customer has paid for it. In consequence of that, any issues related to the delay aren’t really the provider's responsibility.

All the payment methods, are part of an electronic system from the financial entity of Caixabank that is working as a TVP (terminal for virtual payment). This entity may ask for some personal data following the standards of any payment transaction.

Once the transaction is done, the contract will be understood as finished and the provider will send a notification via mail, according to the law 34/2002, 11 of july, from “servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico”.

Customer service:

According to “la Ley de Consumidores y Usuarios” since the contracts are made virtually, Gerome provides a customer service for  communication purposes.

Those are the available options:

  • Mail :info@gerome.es

  • Postal direction: Jacint Verdaguer Street, 116-118 08205 Sabadell (Barcelona).

  • A copy of the DNI or other document to accredit your identity is needed.


 5.  Changes and returns

The basis and overall all the essence of the giveaway of a product will be determined for the following rules.       

  1. The provider has the right to modify, change, or temporarily stop at any moment of the service.

  2.  The provier doesn’t take responsibility for any errors coming for the informatic system or else, the once coming for human errors, while the transaction or the commercial communication. In that case the problem will be fixed objectively, without any additional payments to the customer. The option to change or return will be offered to the customer in this situation.

If for any major reason not attributed to the provider or major force, a product out of stock is sold, and this one was ordered online. The provider will offer the following options to the customer

  • Return the amount of money spent on the transaction, without charging any extra commissions.

  • Substitute the product for another one of the same cost and quality that has stock.

  • If the possibility to refill the listing of the product on the near future, let the customer know about it and if he want to arrange a new delivery time for that same product.

All the objects obtained from the website have the legal guarantee. Meaning that any description made for the product on the site would be accurate.

6.    Recruitment procedure.

Before the transaction is finished, the customer will have at its disposal all the information about the steps to follow to properly fulfil the sales contract going through the service.

Customer’s personal information will be required for any online transaction with the website. The billing data will be the one shown later on the user’s sign in. The provider won’t take responsibility about any mistake done from the customer filling the sign in required information.

If a customer  makes a mistake that cost a minimal  amount of money, the Lender has the right to cancel the purchase or either additional charging on the customers account.

Furthermore, on the following list there is a step by step guide, to successfully do an online purchase:

1rst : Fill the form with all the customers identifying and personal information.

2nd : Chose the products that are desired to be purchased.

3rd:  A confirmation of the requested product will be sent from the provider once the contract is fullfil accordingly to “la Ley 34/2002, 11 de julio, de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico”.

4th: Payment, where the bill will express all the different things to pay, fees, and shipping expenses.

5th: The shipping of the requested product from the seller to its destination.

For any communication, those are the available options

  • Mail: info@gerome.es

  • Address: Jacint Verdaguer Street, 116-118 08205 Sabadell (Barcelona).

  • A copy of the DNI or other document to accredit your identity is needed.


  1.   Link policy

The provider is not responsible for those websites or files that can be accessed from links, those websites belong to their respective owners so any responsibility goes to them.

This website don’t approve,  support, or either attribute any of the products, services, content, informations or data contained on any external website that may be link in. Moreover the provider can’t ensure the quality, licity or the usefulness coming from any external information.

A specific link would be shut down in case that a incident happens, or a competent entity determines that is harmful.

      2.    Intellectual Property

The service includes the rights of the author and of intellectual property , all the data on the website is protected against copyright. That includes pictures logos or any other posted information in order to protect the provider's right.

Gerome has full copyrights for the content posted, the design and specially the pictures. The user is informed that those rights are protected by the current spanish legislation related with the intellectual and industrial property.

      3.   Exclusion of guarantee and responsibility

The provider won't assume any responsibility for the content pasted by the users. The user will respond to all the damages and injuries from all nature that may be caused to the provider as a consequence of any breach of any obligations presented in the General conditions of use or “la ley en relación a la utilización de un sitio web”.

The provider also excludes any responsibility related from the damages from all kind, including any lost profit, due to any service offered from third party entity through the current website. Also from any unfair acts, illicit advertising, lack of veracity and scams created from those respectives.

The provider does not control the general content for the users to check its veracity. Does not declare explicit guarantees. As far as the legislation allows, the provider renounce to any explicit commercialization guarantee.

If the user feels unsatisfied from the provider or any other aspect related to it, it is free to close its account and unrelate itself from the website.

      4.     Procedure in case of infractions

On the hypothetical case that any user or third party entities consider that there is an illicit circumstances or acts of any kind included on the website http://gerome.es or accessible from it, or through the services offered on it must use the following contact information:

  • Mail: info@gerome.es

  • Address: Jacint Verdaguer Street, 116-118 08205 Sabadell (Barcelona).

  • A copy of the DNI or other document to accredit your identity is needed.

      5.     Applicable legislation

This terms and conditions of use are fundamentally protected and ruled through the spanish legislation. Specifically from: “la Ley 34/2002, 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio  Electrónico”. Any form done on the website will be assumed as done once this law is followed.

      6.     European platform for the resolution of any online conflict

The European commission host a platform for the resolution on any online conflicts. The link to acces this platform is: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/  

Any customer can submit a request through the platform. The platform itself, offers to the sellers and customers online an alternative to resolve those conflicts via e-commerce. Its legitimacy and power are equivalent to any spanish cort.

The access of the platform belongs on the disposition of any user from the European Community, where the consumer can expose any problem, as if it was any other organism of conflict resolution.