The company NOU GEROME S.L . has assumed the commitment to comply with Royal Decree 1112/2018, of September 7, which establishes accessibility requirements for websites and mobile applications. To achieve this, various measures have been implemented so that users can access all the contents and functionalities of the website more easily.



All pages can be viewed correctly from the browsers used for the analysis: Mozilla, Edge, Safari, Chrome.

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It has been verified that there are no interferences such as intermittent content, flickering or audio in automatic play.

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Text images

In general, all content except logos or brand images can be configured because text images are not used.

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The language of the pages is indicated correctly.

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All images on the website textual alternatives.

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The language used on the page is simple and adapts to the audience to which all the content is directed.

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Social networks

Links to social networks are accessible and have a visual alternative.

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Color contrast

All the visual characteristics of the website, such as the font, text colors and backgrounds, are defined by the style sheet. They comply with accessibility guidelines regarding contrast ratio at level AA.